Restoration Process

Mike uses a process that imparts exceptional quality, color, and durability to each steering wheel. Your wheel receives individualized care described below in his multi-step refurbishing process.

1.) All cracks are first fixed with an extremely durable bonding agent.
2.) After thoroughly drying, the wheel is hand-sanded to the bare wood and inspected.
3.) If any large or small nicks or scratches are found, they are filled with color-matching wood filler, sanded, blended, and then a second hand-sanding of the entire wheel is completed.
4.) The wheel then receives several coats of stain (your choice of color).
5.) Next, the wheel receives several coats of spar urethane to give your wheel the durable outer finish you choose (glossy, semi-gloss, or satin).
6.) The wheel is then hand-buffed and polished.
7.) Lastly, your restored wheel is carefully packed for shipping and delivered to you by USPS.

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